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Same or Different

Actual listening

We met the composer Tom Johnson at a gathering in Amsterdam for experimental radio makers. He had been commissioned by the Dutch Radio to make a composition about listening called 'Same or Different'. As part of the active audience, we were thrilled by this piece and wanted more people to be able to take part in it. We began a dialog with Johnson about how to further develop the piece, also for the web, and in the spring of 2006, SR c invited Tom Johnson to the Stockholm New Music Festival, to do this audience participation performance for the second time. We broadcasted it on our web radio channel, recorded it and had a participating audience live at the festival as well as on our chat.

And now you have come to the next step: the sit-at-home-version!
Test yourself until your ears bleed, and/or just listen to the rhythmical sound of the piano, the question and the answers. Pianist Mats Persson plays a short musical phrase twice, after which Johnson asks the audience, which you may now consider yourself part of; were these two pieces the same? Or different?