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Suicide bomber's wife condemns attack

Published tisdag 4 januari 2011 kl 19:41
Updated, tisdag 4 januari 2011 kl 20:49
TV4-nyheternas intervju med änkan till den man som sprängde sig själv till döds på Bryggargatan i Stockholm före jul. Bilden är en beskuren skärmdump från TV4:s Nyhetskanalen.se
A screenshot of TV4's website, picturing the wife of the suicide bomber who struck Stockholm in December.

The wife of suicide bomber, Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, has said that she did not know about the plan prior to her husband's suicide and that she would have tried to stop him if she had known.

In an interview with Swedish channel TV4 on Tuesday night, she also claimed that she is the one who uploaded the uncensored version of her husband's recording on Youtube.

When it was revealed that the recording had been uploaded to the site Youtube, it led to new speculations that Abdulwahab had an accomplice in his botched terrorist attack targeting central Stockholm last month. Before he committed suicide, he had recorded his reasons for attacking Sweden.

His wife said that she uploaded the recording, because she wanted to escape from answering the large number of questions she got about why he decided to do it. She said it was also she who later took down the recording.

Right before blowing himself up, Abdulwahab had e-mailed news agency TT and Säpo with a sound file of the recording in English, Arabic and Swedish. But TT reports that the e-mail was also addressed to his wife.

TT reports that the Swedish Intelligence Service, Säpo, did not want to comment on the wife's claim.

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