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Design Competition

Updated Version of the Folk Costume

Published fredag 11 juni 2010 kl 14.21
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Designer Hanna Johansson Frostell (left) and a model with her winning entry
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Say "national costume" or "folk costume" and in Sweden, most people think about an old person or a dancer decked out in traditional garb at a midsummer celebration. But the Swedish Tourist Association has made an attempt to revive the tradition, asking student designers to present their ideas for an upgraded version of the outfit- a so-called "folk costume 2.0".

Last year, the Swedish Tourist Association STF employed a guy in what they called "the most Swedish Job in Sweden" and had him trekking around the country for the summer, trying out various hostels and visiting tourist attractions in the most remote areas imaginable - and then blogging about the experience.

This year, in another attempt to make the Swedes more interested in exploring their own country STF hired 25 designer students and sent them off to the country's 25 different provinces, with a mission to create an updated version of the traditional costume from that province.

As it should be, with designer students exploring new areas, many of the 25 entries in the competition "folk costume 2.0" show little resemblance to that worn by folk dancers today.

Cool to some, but a bit threatening to others. In fact, quite a few people got upset by the competition, thinking that some brats from Stockholm would come and tell them what their provincial costumes should look like.

The winning entry was made by Hanna Johansson-Frostell who went to Dalarna to get her inspiration. From the day that she was given "her" province, she had a month to gather inspiration, design and produce the costume.

As the winner of the competition, Hanna's will have the honor of sowing the costume that the Swedish tourist agency will give to the crown princess Victoria as a wedding gift.

Lappland by Anna Svensson and Västmanland by Karin Nylinder

To listen to the report click on the link above.

To see all the entries in the competition, go to: www.svenskaturistforeningen.se/folkdrakt

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