Sex via Web Camera Popular Among Youth

Published måndag 30 augusti 2010 kl 19:03
En ny studie visar att flera kvinnliga interner har erfarenhet av prostitution. Foto: Tomas Oneborg/Scanpix.
A new study focuses not on streetwalking, but on prostitution via the Internet.

More men than women sell sex on the Internet, shows the results of a new survey done by the city of Malmö in collaboration with the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL). Meanwhile, another new study found that a high percentage of youth have sex online.

The first survey, done by RFSL, asked people in Sweden about their experience with buying or selling sex on the web. In total, nearly 400 people answered that they had either bought or sold sex. Almost 75 percent of those people said they had sold sex. Six out of every 10 of those who had sold sex were men, and of them, 80 percent are homosexual.

"Men who sell sex have not been very visible in the debate about prostitution thus far. In a several-hundred-page-long evaluation of sex purchase laws earlier this year, less than one page was about male prostitution," Ulrika Westerlund of RFSL told news agency TT.

The second study, a regional survey among almost 1,000 youth in southern Sweden, showed that one out of every ten respondents had either bought or sold sex on the Internet. Somewhat more of these people were girls, rather than boys. Seven out of ten of the youth surveyed said they had experience with sex via web cameras.

Purchasing sex--but not selling it--is a crime in Sweden.

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