Iphones not insured at low temperatures

Published måndag 17 januari 2011 kl 18:04
Iphone. Foto: Katarina Larsson/Sveriges Radio.
Apple warranty doesn't apply if the temperature sinks below freezing.

Swedish Iphone owners could face problems if they want to replace or repair their phones this winter. According to newspaper Svenska Dagbladet the Apple insurance only applies if the temperature is above freezing.

With temperatures well below -10 degrees Celsius in the north of Sweden and just above freezing in central and southern Sweden this week those who have invested in an Iphone should make sure that the appliance doesn’t get to cold.

If the phone breaks in the summer it will be replaced by Apple but not if it happens in the winter and the temperature is under 0 degrees Celsius and this has angered Swedish insurance companies.

“Customers in Sweden must be able to use their phones when the temperature is below freezing. Anything else is unreasonable,” Caroline Uliana, at insurance giant If, told the newspaper. “In my eyes Apple’s warranty is a joke.”

The problems started after an Iphone had exploded in Norway. The female owner contacted Apple to get it repaired but the company refused.

Similar incidents have been reported in Sweden, but according to Uliana Apple don’t take their responsibility. Instead, she says, the company expects other insurance companies to take care of the costs.

But If has not been in contact with Apple, she added.

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