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Olof Palme Anniversary

130 confessions to Olof Palme shooting

Published måndag 21 februari 2011 kl 15.58
A press conference today revealed no new leads into the unsolved crime of Olof Palme.Photo: Paolo Rodriguez/Scanpix

Media interest is huge ahead of next Monday's 25th anniversary of the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and at a press conference on Monday, investigators revealed that over the years 130 people have confessed to the unsolved crime.

Lead investigator Stig Edqvist told journalists that the last confession came "a few years ago" but was dismissed like all the others, while two to three tips are still coming in daily.

Perhaps not surprisingly after a quarter of a century, Prosecutor Kerstin Skarp said that they didn't really "have a hot lead."

The case would have been closed next Monday, on the 25th anniversary of Palme's shooting, but a law change affecting unsolved crimes means that the investigation can continue indefinately.

That investigation has a file so thick, AFP news agency reports, that its volumes now cover 225 meters of shelf space in the police archives. Edqvist said that in terms of its size, the case, which reached a cost of 80 million dollars five eyars ago, probably exceeds the investigations of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Lockerbie bombing. Edqvist had no updated figures on how much the Palme

The Swedish Prime Minister was shot to death on his way home from a cinema with his wife in central Stockholm. He'd given his bodyguards the night off.

A man tried for his murder was acquitted on appeal due to lack of police evidence.

Many books over the years have been written on the assassination with a wide range of theories and reconstructions.

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