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New book on Swedish hackers

"Not every hacker is like Lisbeth Salander"

Published tisdag 12 april 2011 kl 16.10
Daniel Goldberg about his book "Swedish hackers"
(8:45 min)

A new book which claims to lift the lid on Swedish hackers hit book stores today with the co-authors examining a subculture which has thrived in Sweden for years. 

"Swedish hackers" by IT journalists Danile Goldberg and Linus Larsso, tries to explain hacker culture, what drives them to sit at their computers night after night delving into secret files.

"Everyone knows about hackers but no-one really knows who they are or what they look like, what drives them and there's this cliched image that has been around for several years, a lot of people think about Lisbeth Salander from the Millennium books and what we wanted to do was to show that there is a lot more to this culture than is usally known and talked about," Daniel Goldberg told Radio Sweden.

"It's a very old culture and it's a very important culture to understand and a culture that has been really important in shaping the internet and the way the world relates to modern technology today," he said.

The co-authors spoke to many groups of hackers, and many people behind large cases of hacking and data theft, some of whom have been in the new saround the world.

"Everybody doesn't look like Lisbeth Salander. These are normal people, a lot have decent lives, many work in the IT industry, some of them in computer security. You can find clear red lines between those with idelogical standpoints about technology and the internet and the old saying that information wants to be free while others who are straight criminals and just into it for making money," Goldberg said.

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