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Commenting guidelines

Published tisdag 14 juni 2011 kl 17.20

We would like our readers to comment on articles and site content, but for the debates and discussions to work well there are a few rules that have to be followed.

To ensure a good tone we would like your comments to be polite, topical, and that you avoid the following:

- Swear words and obscenities.

- Advertising.

- Personal attacks.

- Pornographic, sexist or racist language.

- Threats, bullying, gossip or lies.

You may comment anonymously, but you may not claim to be someone you aren't, by using someone else's name, for example.

Do not use the comment function for spam.

What you write will be visible to all, and your comments may be used in Swedish Radio programming, online or on-air.

The comment function is provided for and monitored in accordance with the Swedish law for electronic bulletin boards (the "BSS" law). That means that Swedish Radio is obliged to remove any content that promotes criminality, hate speech, child porn, illegal depiction of violence, or breaks copyright rules.

Swedish Radio also reserves the right to remove comments that break other rules, or could damage Swedish Radio's credibility. That means we may remove specific comments, choose not to open articles for comments, or remove the comment function for contributions that break these rules.

Anyone that writes a comment that breaks the applicable laws is personally responsible for this.

Help us find questionable comments.

After each comment there is an "anmäl/report" button, click it to warn us about a comment that you think may be problematic.

Comments should be about the article in question. If you have other comments, write to lyssnarservice@sverigesradio.se, info@radiosweden.org or call +46 8 784 84 84.

The comment function is run by Sveriges Radio AB (SR), 105 10 Stockholm. Org. No. 556413-3232.

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