Swedish journalists have received medical care

Published tisdag 5 juli 2011 kl 10.36
Updated, tisdag 5 juli 2011 kl 14.03
Journalisterna Martin Schibbye och Johan Persson, som fängslats i Etiopien. Foto: Anna Roxvall/Sveriges Radio. Montage: Sveriges Radio.

The two Swedish journalists who were arrested by the Ethiopian army in the Ogaden region in south east Ethiopia have met with the Swedish ambassador to Ethiopia and have been given medical care, according to the Swedish Foreign Ministry. There is no information as to when or if they will appear in court.

Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye were imbedded with the Ogaden National Liberation Front, or ONLF, a separatist rebel group who is fighting with the Ethiopian government for independence.

Swedish Radio News reports that Sweden's ambassador in Ethiopia met with the wounded men on Monday. He said they were doing relatively well considering the circumstances.

A representative for the ONLF says the men could be at risk of torture.

Activists have long criticized the Ethiopian government for human rights abuses in the Ogaden region and have said that relief organizations have not been given access to citizens there. But accusations of violence have also been directed towards the ONLF.

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