"Swede of the Year" helped Arab Spring

Published torsdag 1 december 2011 kl 17.14
Updated, fredag 2 december 2011 kl 10.48
"There are always new problems that we have to solve"
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Net activist Christopher Kullenberg says he will continue to fight for freedom of speech and openess on the internet after being named "Swede of the Year" by news magazine Fokus for helping pro-democracy activists in Egypt stay online despite then-dictator Hosni Mubarak pressing the off button on the beleaguered nation's Internet.

Kullenberg, who is also a science post-doc at Gothenburg University, is part of the network Telecomix which helped the Egyptian activists earlier this year when the Arab Spring spread to Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were largely credited with helping spread information about revolts in nearby countries both to demonstrators and media.

"We used old modems from the 1990's to be set up in Europe to allow people to go online in Egypt", Kullenberg told Radio Sweden.