Fatal shooting in Malmö

Strax efter att mannen sköts ihjäl hördes en explosion från en polisstation i närheten. Foto: Drago Prvulovic/Scanpix.
Straight after the man was shot an explosion was heard from a nearby police station. Photo: Drago Prvulovic/Scanpix.

A man was found shot dead in a car in the southern city of Malmö on Tuesday evening.

A witness told local newspaper Sydsvenskan that they heard three shots.

“The first patrol on the scene discovered a man shot in a car. He was transported to hospital in a critical state,” Skåne police spokeperson Calle Persson, told news agency TT.

The unidentified man was declared dead on arrival at Skåne University Hospital.

Published tisdag 31 januari 2012 kl 21:04
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