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"Henerator" erases gender from the web

Published onsdag 28 mars 2012 kl 10.50
Updated, onsdag 28 mars 2012 kl 21.00

The "hen" debate has taken a new twist. Now the neologism, proposed by some gender equality proponents to replace the masculine and feminine pronouns "han" and "hon" in the Swedish language, can be inserted in all internet copy with help from the "henerator", a new web service.

"We don't have any background in feminism or gender studies," says founder Marcus Sjögren to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. "We just thought we'd join the discussion."

"You can either interpret it as ironic or as something that gives the debate a new edge," he says.

So far, the henerator website, where you can download the plug-in programme, has been checked out by 55,000 visitors since last Saturday when it was published. 40 percent of them have actually downloaded the programme.

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