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Convicted serial killer has multiple verdicts overturned

Judge points to "convincing" Quick evidence

Updated måndag 20 augusti 2012 kl 15.21
Published måndag 20 augusti 2012 kl 08.45
Police searching for a disappeared nine-year-old girl in 1988. Quick later confessed to her murder. File photo: Tor Richardsen/Scanpix.

The former Chancellor of Justice Göran Lambertz believes there is "convincing evidence" in at least two of the eight murders the serial killer Thomas Quick was convicted of between 1994 and 2001. Quick, who now goes by Sture Bergwall, has since withdrawn his confessions and had three of the verdicts overturned.

Lambertz, now a Supreme Court judge, raises specific points about two of the investigations in the debate pages of the newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

He points out that when stopped by a road block on the way to the site of one murder, Quick told the police the block was opened when he passed it with the victim. Police could later verify that at the time Quick passed, the block was open due to work on a local power plant.

"It can be discussed whether it is right – as I am now doing – to continue to point to strong evidence against a person when they have been acquitted," Lambertz writes. "I believe it is in this case."

He also told Swedish Radio that the journalist Hannes Råstam's recently published book "The Case of Thomas Quick", which questions the police's investigations into the murders, has led people to "draw the wrong conclusions."

The chair of the parliamentary committee on justice, Morgan Johansson of the Social Democrats, tells newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that he, like Lambertz, wants an independent commission to review the legal process.

"What is offensive is that if Sture Bergwall has been convicted of a number of murders he has not committed, we have a number of criminals who have gone free for decades," Johansson says.

Background: The case against Thomas Quick

After withdrawing confessions, Quick has had three murder verdicts overturned, with more retrials on the way.

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