Missing woman suspected by police

Millions embezzled from municipality

Published torsdag 15 november 2012 kl 11.16
En bunt med svenska sedlar Foto: Pontus Lundahl /Scanpix.
Photo: Pontus Lundahl /Scanpix.

A woman employed by the municipality of Gävle in east-central Sweden is suspected of having embezzled around SEK 2 million from her employer. She has been missing since Monday and is wanted by the police.

The woman, who has a financial post in the municipality, is suspected of having embezzled large amounts of money during several years without the municipality noticing.

“We don’t know how it happened”, Helén Åleskog, head of the municipal board, told the Gefle Dagblad newspaper.

According to Åleskog each separate transaction done within the municipality should be registered and approved by two different people. It appears that the woman has handled the transaction alone, without supervision.

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