Which municipality has the best schools?

Published torsdag 15 november 2012 kl 17.20
Photo: Karin Hellzén/Sveriges Radio

The municipality of Vellinge in the south of Sweden has the best schools, according to the Swedish Teacher Union's 2012 rankings.

"Vellinge has decided to be the best, and has really improved in the number of trained teachers it has. And this has affected students' results," says Eva-Lis Sirén, the head of the teacher's union, to news agency TT.

Herrljunga in Västra Götaland County improved the most in the rankings, jumping to 41st this year compared to 215 in 2011.

The municipality of Ljusnarsberg in Örebro got the not so flattering ranking of last place.

The rankings are based on the amount of resources municipalities dedicate to teaching, the amount of teachers, the number of children in daycare, and the quality of the grades from 9th grade students. The union has also weighed in variables like teachers' salaries and how the municipalities work with collective agreements.

Six of the highest ranking municipalities are in the northern most county of Norrbotten. "When one municipality improves it forces others around it do the same," says Sirén. "It's of course attractive to move to a municipality that has a reputation of having good schools".

Sirén says the major differences between the quality of schools in municipalities is one of Sweden's biggest challenges today.

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