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Children's Ombudsman slams psychiatric care proposals

Published söndag 18 november 2012 kl 10:51
Photo: Janerik Henriksson / SCANPIX
Sweden's ombudsman for children, Fredrik Malmberg. Photo: Janerik Henriksson / SCANPIX

Sweden's Children's Ombudsman wants to stop proposed legislation which he says could lead to children and young people being placed in compulsory psychiatric care together with adults.

The ombudsman says a new government-supported investigation into psychiatric care does not take into account the needs of young children, Swedish Radio News reports.

"I'm extremely critical that after 1200 days looking into this, they have no child's perspective there at all. You can't see anywhere that they have looked into what forced care can mean for children, instead they have used a 'one-size-fits-all' solution with the same legislation as that used for adults with severe mental health problems who have committed serious violent crimes", Fredrik Malmberg says. He adds: "It's one of the worst proposals I've ever seen when it comes to not paying any heed to the needs of children."

The government-supported investigation says that the current range of laws governing compulsory psychiatric care should be replaced with one single set of rules and guidelines.

The person behind the study, government-appointed Jerry Eriksson tells Swedish Radio News that he does not wish to comment on the criticism, as the study has already been handed over to the government.

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