Doha talks

Sweden tight-lipped on plans for climate meeting

Published måndag 26 november 2012 kl 10:10
Doha Climate Change Conference underway
Doha in oil-rich Qatar hosts the Climate Change Conference. Photo: AP Photo/Osama Faisal, File/Scanpix

Sweden’s opposition has criticized the government’s handling of climate change issues ahead of UN talks on the Kyoto Protocol in Doha today.

“We’ve halved climate change aid, including support for climate work in the poorest countries,” Left Party environmental spokesperson, Jens Holm, told Swedish Radio.

“And Sweden itself should be better at reducing emissions. I think we’ve become less ambitious in Sweden now.”

Representatives from nearly 200 countries are meeting in the capital of Qatar today to discuss what will follow the end of the Kyoto Protocol which runs out in 2020.

Several developed countries including Canada, Russia and Japan have said they will not renew the agreement.

The Minister for the Environment Lena Ek told Swedish Radio that Sweden plans to “play a constructive role in these negotiations”.

“It’s important that Sweden plays a constructive role in these negotiations,” she said. “When you’re in negotiations you don’t show all your cards.”

Sweden has signed up to a common European Union position on climate change and is pushing for a new global environmental agreement from 2020 as well as stricter climate change targets until then.

The Doha talks will continue until 7 December 2012

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