South hardest hit by redundancies

Published måndag 26 november 2012 kl 11.07

In recent months Sweden has been hit by company plans to cut 50,000 jobs, and the southern county of Kronoberg, around the city of Växjö, will suffer a lot of these losses.

And overall the south of Sweden is expected to lose the most jobs in the current wave of cutbacks and closures.

“It’s hitting us really hard,” said Roland Gustbée, chairman of the local authority association in Kronoberg.

“Of course it’s something we’ll get over but I don’t think it will so easy this time, compared to the last downturn. This one is really tough.”

Up to 500 jobs are expected to go, with staff cuts at a local paper mill and several companies relocating.

The last time Sweden saw a major wave of redundancies was in 2008 to 2009 in the wake of the global financial crises.

Many of those who lost jobs then were able to find new jobs, but in Kronoberg county unemployment rose sharply and remained high.

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