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Banks making more from mortgages

Published måndag 26 november 2012 kl 11.46
FI wants stricter capital rules for banks in home loan business
Apartments for sale in Stockholm. Photo: Bertil Ericson/Scanpix.

Swedish banks continue to earn higher profits on home loans, according to new figures from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

The net profit margin on new mortgages is 0.59 percent, a 0.08 increase compared to the previous quarter.

The financial authority also reports that Swedish banks are highly exposed to risk in the mortgage markets and says new stricter criteria is needed to regulate the amount of capital banks hold.

Meanwhile a half of Swedish bank customers have no idea how much they pay their banks in charges and interest each year, according to a new survey from the customer satisfaction group Svensk Kvalitetsindex.   

However the majority do say they receive all the information they needed to take decisions about their savings.

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