Woman charged with skeleton sex found sane

Published måndag 26 november 2012 kl 17.38
Radio Sweden. Some of the skulls found in the woman's apartment. Photo: Swedish Police
Some of the skulls found in the woman's apartment. Photo: Swedish Police

The woman charged with playing sex games with skeletons parts has been judged as sane ahead of the trial starting Tuesday, news agency TT reports.

Police found six skulls and many other skeleton parts when they raided the 37-year-old's Gothenburg apartment. According to the prosecutor, she used the bones for sex acts.

"If we go back 15 or 20 years in time, then it would have been obvious she was had a mental disorder," Sten Levander, a professor in judicial psychiatry, tells TT.

But, says Levander, the woman has not been found to have acted by compulsion, which by today's standards for psychiatric exminations means she will be considered sane in the trial.

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