Paintings using ashes from a death camp

Published tisdag 4 december 2012 kl 16.19
Carl Michael von Hausswolff tog aska från ett förintelseläger och gjorde till en tavla. Foto: Ola Torkelsson/Scanpix.
Carl Michael von Hausswolff used ashes from a concentration camp, Photo: Ola Torkelsson/Scanpix

A gallery in Lund is showing paintings using ashes taken from the crematorium at a World War II Nazi death camp.

Artist Carl Michael von Hauswolff says he took the ashes during a visit to the Majdanek concentration camp in the late 80’s. He’s mixed the ashes with water and used them to paint his pictures.

The artist has refused to give interviews, but gallery head Martin Bryder, who had relatives who disappeared in the camps, says he doesn’t see any morals problems involved.

He declines to comment further, but author Salomon Schulman, who also had relatives who died in the concentration camps, writes in the newspaper Sydsvenskan that he would never go to a gallery “to see this desecration of Jewish bodies”.

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