victim's mother also in custody

Säffle murder suspect held by police

Published söndag 9 december 2012 kl 17.33
Ett hus i snöig miljö i utkanten av Säffle kommun med polisavspärrningsband.
After the murder last week, police cordoned off a house on the outskirts of Säffle for a technical investigation. Photo: Gustav Larsson, Sveriges Radio.

A man, 32, suspected of murdering a teenager in the southwestern town of Säffle, was remanded in custody for probable cause Sunday. The victim's mother is also in custody, suspected of aggravated assault - however, the prosecutor will not say who she is suspected of assaulting.

The male suspect denies committing the murder, according to what his lawyer, Anders Olsson, told news agency TT.

On Thursday night, the man, the woman and the victim were discovered in a car outside a fast-food restaurant in Säffle. Police were first notified of a quarrel in a solitary house on the outskirts of town. That is where the victim, 18, is believed to have been knifed.

The two suspects are reported to have been involved in a relationship at one time.

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