The tables are set for lavish Nobel banquet

Published måndag 10 december 2012 kl 09:19
Litteraturpristagaren Tomas Tranströmer betraktar sin medalj sedan han tagit emot nobelpriset av kungen i Konserthuset i Stockholm förra året. Foto: Henrik Montgomery/Scanpix.
A Nobel Prize medal.

Some of the world’s most prominent scientists will accept the Nobel Prize today, along with author Mo Yan, winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in literature.

Today is a big day for Serge Haroche, David Wineland, Robert Lefkowitz, Brian Kobilka, John Gurdon, Shinya Yamanaka, Mo Yan, Alvin Roth och Lloyd Shapley, who will receive  medals and diplomas from the King during today’s ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

The seating for the banquet at Stockholm’s town hall was revealed yesterday, Sunday.

The banquet host, Nobel Foundation chairman, Marcus Storch, will as usual be seated next to Queen Silvia, with King Carl XVI Gustaf and Claudine Haroche, the wife of the physics laureate, seated opposite them.

The seating plan at the honorary table follows the so-called Nobel order, as well as the royal court’s ranking order. The Nobel order is the order in which the prizes are mentioned in Alfred Nobel’s will: physics, chemistry, medicine and literature (the economy prize was introduced in 1968 by the Swedish Central Bank).

The banquet is planned in painstaking detail, with cutlery and porcelain laid out with precise measurements using rulers. There will be 10,000 pieces of cutlery, 7,00 porcelain pieces and 5,4000 glasses for the roughly 1,300 guests.

Swedish circus ensemble Cirkus Cirkör will entertain the guests with a show on the theme of “striving”.

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