Winter weather brings further disruptions in Skåne

Published måndag 10 december 2012 kl 10.21
En plogbil kämpar med snön på E65 i höjd med avfarten till Sturups flygplats när snön drog in över Skåne på söndagen. Foto: Johan Nilsson/Scanpix
The blizzard that moved in over Skåne on Sunday continues to cause disruptions.

Heavy winds and snowfall continue to cause disruptions and perilous road conditions in Skåne today. The blizzard that rolled over the South on Sunday is only expected to peter off on Monday afternoon.

The SMHI weather service issued a class 1 warning due to the combination of snow and winds. SMHI said a further five to 10 centimeters of snow is expected to fall today.

The Swedish Transport Administration has warned of banks of snow forming on the roads in Skåne and Blekinge.

In some parts of the south, school buses were cancelled and the Ystad area experienced a power cut around 10 a.m. on Monday morning.

Malmö Airport is now more or less up and running, after severe disruptions there on Sunday. However, some flights are still experiencing minor delays.

Train traffic was back to normal in Skåne on Monday morning. However, there were some delays on the Helsingborg-Hässleholm route due to a signal failure.

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