Malmö bomb threat false alarm

Published måndag 10 december 2012 kl 10.40
Updated, måndag 10 december 2012 kl 16.09

A man was arrested after a bomb threat was directed at Hyllie station at around 10.30 a.m. on Monday, halting all train traffic, reports newspaper Sydsvenskan.

Police suspected that there was an explosive device on board a train, which was evacuated. A search, with sniffer dogs, was underway soon after 11 a.m but no bomb was found, according to police spokesperson Linda Pleym.

A suspicious item spottet in a carriage turned out to be harmless and belonged to a passenger who had been evacuated from the train.

The man was arrested on the train after making threats, according to witnesses

He reportedly threatened to blow up the Kastrup airport in Copenhagen and claimed there were explosives on the train.

Train passengers raised the alarm at 10.16 a.m. and the police arrived shortly after with three cars. The rescue service was also at the location.

Train traffic between the Malmö central station and Hyllie was halted and resumed in the afternoon.

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