Poor conditions in asylum seekers’ residences

Published måndag 10 december 2012 kl 10.56
Mohamad och Sahid kan inte sova när alla trängs i samma rum.
One of the Swedish Migration Board's asylum seekers' residences. Photo: Elin Ericsson/Sveriges Radio.

A nationwide investigation by Swedish Radio has revealed that many of the asylum seekers’ residences rented by the Swedish Migration Board are in poor condition and do not live up to the standard set by the Board itself.

The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) has spent SEK 220 million so far this year on renting a total of 44 temporary residences for asylum seekers at camping sites, hostels and other locations.

Swedish Radio’s local stations surveyed 29 of the residences and found 13 were to be in sub-standard conditions.

In one residence, 24 adults and children share one bathroom.

In the northern town of Boden and the Baltic island of Öland, asylum seekers spoke of unsafe environments with robberies, knife fights and rapes.

In Dalarna, central Sweden cabins are not heated properly and the quality of the food is so poor that children are falling ill.

The Migration Board does not have access to enough apartments for all asylum seekers arriving in Sweden so has to rent camping sites, hostels and hotels. There are currently around 5,000 asylum seekers housed in such residences around Sweden.

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