Sweden ready to take the fight over snus

Published måndag 10 december 2012 kl 14.39
Snus. Foto: SVT Bild.
Swedish snuff tobacco, snus, is under threat fromt he EU. Photo: SVT Bild.

Sweden has threatened the European Union with a ”fullscale war” if it passes a new directive on Sweden’s popular snuff tobacco, snus.

The proposal says tobacco products must contain at least 85 percent tobacco, which is over 30 percent more than the usual amount found in snus.

Swedish Minister of Trade Ewa Björling attended a meeting with the health commissioner which lasted two hours instead of the expected 15 minutes.

At a press conference after the meeting she said: “We have conducted a low-intensive conflict on this issue for years but depending on what the directive says… there may be a full-scale war from now on.”

The EU also wants to set stricter rules for how snus can be flavoured, banning the use of herb or fruit flavours to attract young customers.

On this, Björling said that Sweden believes this is not a matter for the EU to decide on. She referred to the exception granted to Sweden when it joined the EU.

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