Customers give railways thumbs down

Published måndag 10 december 2012 kl 19.10
SJ rail company gets thumbs down from customers
Photo: Janerik Henriksson/Scanpix

Most Swedes are unhappy with the national rail network SJ, according to a new consumer satisfaction survey.

For the fourth year running SJ ranks lowest on the list of transport companies with 60 percent of those surveyed by the Svenskt Kvalitetsindex saying they are unhappy with prices and punctuality.

“You don’t have a choice because the buses take so long. Most people rely on trains so when they get messed up they’re miserable, or frustrated,” Emelie Pousette, a train traveler from Norrköping told Swedish Radio.

Along with half of all rail customers in Sweden she has complained about the quality of service.

“I actually thought about complaining again today, because I’ve had all this time waiting so I could send a mail or call,” she said.

“But I’ve complained before and not had much help.”

A spokesperson for SJ told Swedish Radio that the company is taking the customer survey seriously and will look into ways of improving train services.

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