Swedish grenade launcher used in Burma

Published tisdag 11 december 2012 kl 09.03
svenska vapen
Photo: Scanpix

Rocket propelled grenades manufactured by the arms manufacturer Saab in Sweden have been used by the army in Burma in conflicts with seperatist rebels, reports newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The weapons are the latest export model of the Swedish grenade launcher Carl Gustaf. The Burmese army has bought the weapons in a third country, writes SvD.

Saab is said to be seriously concerned that the company's product has ended up in Burma and has reported it to the Authority Inspectorate of Strategic Products.

The EU ban on arms exports to Burma, which was introduced 16 years ago, still applies today.

According to the newspaper report the grenade launchers were used in attacks targeting both the Kachin Independence Army in the north of the country and civilian areas.

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