Swedish food third most expensive in Europe

Published tisdag 11 december 2012 kl 12.26
Foto: Ekot

Sweden is the third most expensive culinary nation in Europe, with prices 20 per cent above the EU average, reports news agency TT. The most expensive is Norway, with Denmark as a close second.

Swedish fruit, vegetables and potatoes are the second most expensive in Europe, after Norway. In contrast, the  fish, milk, cheese and eggs, are slightly cheaper than the EU average.

The cheapest food is found in Bulgaria, according to new statistics from Eurostat and Statistics Sweden.

Norway is the most expensive for food (except fish) - alcohol there is 64 percent higher than the EU average. Denmark is the next dearest at 36 percent above average.

When it comes to alcohol, Norway is by far the most expensive with prices 166 per cent above the EU average, followed by Iceland and Finland. Sweden is in fourth place, 57 percent above.

The lowest prices are found in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, with prices 30 percent below the average for all EU countries.

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