Teens and police clash in second round of riots

Published onsdag 19 december 2012 kl 15:07
Folksamling utanför Framtidsgymnasiet i Göteborg.
Gothenburg school Framtidsgymnasiet. Photo: Lasse Nilsson/Scanpix.

Around 150 teenagers gathered outside Framtidsgymnasiet at Järntorget in central Gothenburg on Wednesday afternoon. It was the second gathering in reaction to abusive posts on social media platform Instagram about pupils at another school.

The gathering was organized through social media, and some students had notified the school about the plans. The school closed for the day as a result.

Gathering ended in more rioting, with teenagers shooting some rockets, fighting with police and attempted to burn a Swedish flag, reports news agency TT.

Swedish Radio reports that police took three people into custody and arrested one.

The unrest caused by the sexist comments has lead to the creation of the campaign "Vägra kallas hora", meaning "refuse to be called a whore", who plan to take to the central Gustaf Adolf square in Gothenburg to demonstrate and raise awareness around fighting sexism in society.

"How you tackle sexism and the "whore" label is related to the entire structure of our society. It's not even a legal offense to call someone a whore today," Amer Mohammed Ali, who is involved in the campaign, told news agency TT.

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