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Mass food poisoning at xmas feast

Published torsdag 20 december 2012 kl 10.34
Julbord. Foto Leif R Jansson / SCANPIX
A traditional Swedish Christmas "julbord". Photo Leif R Jansson / SCANPIX

A Christmas lunch left a bitter aftertaste for restaurant guests in in the north of Sweden. Around 70 came down with a nasty stomach bug, after a traditional Swedish Yule smorgoasbord in Luleå 

“This is evidently a case of food poisoning,” Anders Österlund, a doctor specializing in communicable diseases, told the local Norrbottens-Kuriren newspaper.

The restaurant has now decided to stop offering the Christmas smorgasbords for this season.

Tests have been carried out but reason behind the outbreak is still unknown.

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