One wounded in Gothenburg shooting

Published torsdag 20 december 2012 kl 12.32
Updated, fredag 21 december 2012 kl 14.14

One person has been wounded in a shooting incident in Gothenburg, police report.

Witnesses said they saw a man leaving the location in the Gamlestaden district. The man reportedly drove off in a small blue car.

The gunman reportedly fired the shot into a café. An ambulance has been called to the location.

The gunman reportedly fired the shot into a café. An ambulance was called to the location and the area was cordoned off.

Emergency services reported that "at least one person" had been brought to the Sahlgrenska hospital.

It emerged that the wounded person is a man in his thirties. He shot in the leg outside the café and was brought inside while waiting for help. His wounds are apparently not life threatening.

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