Gothenburg unrest

More than 80 police reports after Instagram riots

Published torsdag 20 december 2012 kl 15.27
Ungdomar utanför Plusgymnasiet i Göteborg. Foto: Jesper Ingevaldsson/Sveriges Radio.
The riots started at the Plusgymnasiet school in Gothenburg. Photo: Jesper Ingevaldsson/Sveriges Radio

Police in Gothenburg have set up a special unit to investigate the youth riots sparked by abusive posts on social media platform Instagram.

Police have received a handful of reports of assault, nearly 80 reports of slander and some reports on rioting and property damages. Most assault cases have been captured on film.

“The documentation is extensive,” said police spokesman Stefan Gustafsson.

“It requires a lot of work for identify a suspect… It could take months.”

Police are receiving a steady flow of reports about disturbances from around Gothenburg.

On Thursday morning rumours circulated that young people were gathering for further clashes, but police spokeswoman Malin  Sahlström said the rumours were contradictory and that there were no clear signs of further disturbances.

Plusgymnasiet, the school that was at the centre of the Instagram riots, re-opened on Thursday.

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