gothenburg instagram riots aftermath

Teens protest against sexism

Published torsdag 20 december 2012 kl 16.57
Ungdomar demonstrerade i Brunnsparken under parollen Våga vägra hora. Foto: Jonna Burén/Sveriges Radio
The protest against sexist abuse on the internet organised by the campaign "Vägra kallas hora".Photo: Jonna Burén/Sveriges Radio

Teenagers gathered once again on the streets of Gothenburg in reaction to the sexist abuse published about high school students on Instagram. This time they gathered in Brunnsparken in Gothenburg to show their protest against sexism in society.

The campaign "Vägra kallas hora" ("refuse to be called a whore") was launched in the wake of a series of unrest in the city caused by an Instagram account where photos of teenage girls were published on Tuesday along with abusive comments, calling them "whore" and other sexist names.

The published content sparked two riots outside high schools. Now the campaign wants to raise awareness about how young girls' sexuality is viewed in society.

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