sterilisation law on its way out

RFSL demand state pay damages over compulsary sterilisation

Published torsdag 20 december 2012 kl 18:15
RFSL arrangerade på onsdagen en demonstration mot tvångssteriliseringar på Mynttorget i Stockholm. Foto: Scanpix
The sterilisation law has been heavily criticised and protested against. Photo: Scanpix

People who undergo sex reassignment surgery in Sweden will no longer have to be sterilised as of 2013, reports Swedish Radio. Now LGBT rights organization say those who were made to be sterilised should be paid compensation.

Jeanette Svensson from the National Board of Health and Welfare said the Board would not make an appeal to a ruling made by a Stockholm court on Wednesday that will get rid of the compulsary sterilisation on the basis that it is against the European Convention on Human Rights.

The sterilisation law has been in place for nearly 40 years. According to Swedish Radio, there are around 100 people today who can not have children because of the law.

Now LGBT rights organisation RSFL is demanding that the state pay damages to those individuals who were made to undergo sterilisation after their sex reassignment surgery.

A change of the sterilisation laws is expected to occur in the summer of 2013. But RFSL say this is not enough.

"It's great that the legal changes are happening now. But it will not help those that have already been affected by the law that has been upheld for 40 years. They need to be compensated," head of RFSL Ulrika Westerlund told Swedish Radio.

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