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Chilly Christmas brings slippery roads and cancelled trains

Published måndag 24 december 2012 kl 10:50
Updated, måndag 24 december 2012 kl 16:11
Radio Sweden. Extreme cold stopped many trains in the north of Sweden on Christmas Eve. Photo: Lasse Hejdenberg/Scanpix
Extreme cold stopped many trains in the north of Sweden on Christmas Eve. Photo: Lasse Hejdenberg/Scanpix

Train services were down in parts of northern Sweden on Monday due to extreme cold. The Transport Authority called on Swedes traveling by car to choose major roads and warned of slippery roads in the much of the country. One person died on Monday in a car crash on the E18 highway near Årjäng in the south west.

A Class 1 warning has been issued for the south west and parts of the eastern coast. The Swedish weather service, SMHI, defines class 1 as conditions that may put parts of the public at risk and affect some infrastructure such as trains or roads.

During the day, the north saw temperatures down to between minus 25 and minus 35 degrees.

All four departures between the northern towns of Luleå and Kiruna were cancelled by the operator, Norrtåg, due to the extreme cold. No replacement buses were called in.

Trains going from Sundsvall to Duved via Östersund were down on Monday morning. The Transport Authority said services were to resume at 8 A.M.

In the south, snowfall gave way to warmer temperatures later on Monday, but trains were still cancelled between Arboga and Kungsör.

Meteorologist Anna Hagendal at the Swedish weather service, SMHI, told Swedish Radio that the southern town of Kristianstad recorded 5 degrees Celsius on Monday morning, well above freezing. Rain and sleet is expected in the south Monday evening.

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