Police search unsuccessful

Missing scuba diver presumed dead in Skåne

Published tisdag 25 december 2012 kl 13.32

A scuba diver who went missing in a lake in southern Sweden on Monday is presumed dead. A hovercraft is now being used in the search for his body, while scuba divers stand prepared to go through a 15 centimetre layer of ice and into the water.

The volunteer organisation Missing People entered the search on Tuesday after police had been unsuccessful in their search for the 27-year-old, who was in training to become a certified diver. He went under water on Christmas Eve with no life lines.

Scuba divers from Missing People, local rescue services and a diving club in nearby Helsingborg have offered to help.

"Diving under ice is a special procedure and we have to be very careful in terms of security," county police officer Hans Nilsson told the news agency TT.

Missing People is a network of volunteers that has conducted several successful searches for people who have gone missing this year.

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