Kinna's Yule goat attacked – but lives to fight another day

Published tisdag 25 december 2012 kl 17:25
Kinnas julback brann ner på julaftonskvällen. Foto: Mikael Medin, P4 Sjuhärad
Kinna's goat was attacked on Monday evening. Photo: Mikael Medin/SR

The Yule goat in Kinna in western Sweden did not survive its first Christmas Eve, reports Swedish Radio. Like the goat in Gävle has for many years, Kinna's goat was set on fire when arsonists struck on Monday evening.

"I think it is woeful. This is the first year we have it. I find it so strange that people cannot just let something nice remain, look at it and take pleasure in the sight," said Margareta Welander, a visitor to the square, on Tuesday morning.

This year's edition of Gävle's Christmas goat, which has burned at least 26 times since it was first erected in 1966, was burnt down two weeks ago.

In Kinna, residents Swedish Radio spoke to said they "absolutely" want the town's goat to return next year.

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