One shot and five held by police after jewelry store robbery

Police:"More people may be arrested"

Published fredag 4 januari 2013 kl 13:13
Updated, fredag 4 januari 2013 kl 15:08
Flera rånare slog på fredagen till mot ett köpcentrum i Södertälje. En person ska ha skjutits i samband med rånet. Foto: Janerik Henriksson SCANPIX.
One person was shot during a robbery on a jewelry store in Södertälje. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/Scanpix

Police took yet another suspect into custody for questioning on Saturday after a jewelry store in a Södertälje shopping centre was robbed Friday morning. Four suspects were held on Friday evening and one of the robbers was shot in the head during an exchange of fire with police and was taken to the hospital on Friday. Police now say more people may be arrested, as witnesses come forward with information.

The other robbers escaped in a silver-coloured Audi which they abandoned for another vehicle, police said. Both cars were found on Friday and police took three people into custody on Friday evening on suspicion on being involved in the robbery.

The 26 year-old who was shot is still in hospital care, and their condition is  being described as "very critical".

"We do not want to comment on where we arrested them, but can confirm that we have arrested and taken three people into custody", said Lars Byström from the Stockholm police on Friday evening. He said police would continue to look for other people suspected of being involved in the robbery on Friday morning.

 A fourth suspect was taken into custody later on in the night on Friday. On Saturday afternoon police took yet another person ino custody for questioning, writes newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. In total, five people suspected of being involved in the robbery are now in police custody, and one is in hospital.

Nyström said on Saturday that police may arrest more people as they investigate further.

"It is very possible that more people may be arrested. We have many witnesses and four people in custody, so from the point of view of the investigation, things are looking good," Byström said.

Four masked men reportedly robbed the jewelry store, with one remaining in the escape car while the others smashed a jewelry counter inside the shop, witnesses said.

The alarm came in at 11:30 AM. By lunchtime, there had been no arrests.

"I saw two guys inside the jewelry store. I was in an escalator, 10 or 15 metres away and heard people screaming," one witness told news agency TT.

"It was brutal. Lots of people are very upset. I went into a shoe store which took its window bars down. Several people were shocked and in tears."

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