Appeal against Danish terror conviction fails

Published fredag 25 januari 2013 kl 11.36
Skylt på huset där Jyllands-Posten har redaktion i Köpenhamn. Foto: Niels Hougaard/Scanpix.
The Jyllands-Posten newspaper was targeted for an attack, Photo: Niels Hougaard/Scanpix

A Danish appeals court has upheld the conviction of a 31 year old Swede for planning a terrorist attack in Copenhagen.

The Østre Landsret found Friday that Munir Awad took part in planning attacks against newspaper offices in Copenhagen.

The attacks, which were never carried out, were intended as retaliation for cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Three judges and eight lay judges upheld the lower court’s determination. One lay judge wanted to acquit.

Sentencing is due on January 31. The lower court sentenced Awad to 12 years imprisonment.

The lower court convicted four men with Swedish connections for planning the attack. Awad was the only one to appeal.

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