Shifting weather means more accidents

Published måndag 28 januari 2013 kl 11.03
På E4:an mellan Helsingborg och Örkelljunga, mellan Hyllinge och Åstorp inträffade en av morgonens trafikolyckor.
An accident on the E4 between Helsingborg and Örkelljunga, Photo: Bengt Bang/Lyssnarbild

The traffic authorities are warning about icy roads during the current shift in the weather from below to above the freezing point.

The TT news agency reports that there were around 60 traffic accidents within a few hours in the province of Västra Götaland. More accidents have been reported from other parts of the country.


The weather service says even though air temperatures may rise above freezing, road surfaces may still be under zero and can be very icy.

In the north, where temperatures are still very cold, heavy snowfall is causing traffic problems as well.

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