Öresund integration declines

Published måndag 28 januari 2013 kl 12.08
The Öresund bridge is almost eight km long, Photo Johan Nilsson/Scanpix

Integration across the Sound separating Sweden from Denmark has declined in a recent years, according to the latest figures.

When the Öresund Bridge between Malmö in Sweden and the Danish capital Copenhagen was opened in the year 2000, regional integration was at the top of the agenda. An Öresunds Index was created, measuring such factors as commuting between the two countries.

The initial 2000 index was set at 100. In 2008 it reached its high point of 183. But according to the Öresund Committee presentation Monday, the index has now sunk to 170.

The drop is attributed to fewer jobs in the region and less travel across the bridge, following the economic crisis and the fall in the value of the Danish krone.

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