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Government to reform Swedish classes?

Published torsdag 31 januari 2013 kl 10.51
SFI, Svenska för Invandrare Foto: Johan Wingborg/Scanpix.
SFI, Svenska för Invandrare. Photo: Johan Wingborg/Scanpix.

The Swedish government wants to make more reforms to the Swedish language classes given to newly arrived immigrants.

In an article in today's Dagens Nyheter newspaper, ministers call for the Employment Service to be given more responsibility for the language training, and for the classes to be more tailor-made for individual immigrants' language needs.

Recent studies into Sfi, as it is called, have shown that one in four students quit before completing the courses.

Ministers hope that including the Employment Service in the Sfi framework would make it easier for the students to get practical language training in workplaces, helping them to get a job afterwards.

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