fears torture and death

Newly wed gay Ugandan fights deportation

Published torsdag 31 januari 2013 kl 14.28
Jimmy Sserwadda and Lawrence Kaala at last weekend's wedding ceremony attended by minister for EU Affairs Birgitta Olsson.Photo:Scanpix

Last weekend in Stockholm they tied the knot in a gay wedding ceremony attended by a government minister with music from top soprano Nina Stemme. But this week, Ugandan couple Jimmy Sserwadda and Lawrence Kaala face an early separation that could be permanent.

That's because Mr Kaala faces deportation to Uganda where he says he was tortured for being a homosexual and told Radio Sweden that he fears for his life if he is sent back now.

The two men met in Uganda but while gay rights activist Jimmy Sserwadda is now a Swedish citizen since fleeing his home country in 2008, Lawrence Kaala has had a different experience since he sought asylum here in 2010.

Jimmy Sserwadda describes the asylum process here as a "lottery" and claims that the Swedish Migration Board's officer involved in his husband's interview, had asked for written proof of his torture from his captors back in Uganda.

The Swedish Migration Board told the media that they were monitoring the situation in Uganda where homosexuality is illegal.

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