Swedish publisher stops printing books in China

Published måndag 4 februari 2013 kl 11.28
Böcker. Foto: AP Photo/Michael Probst/Scanpix
Photo: AP Photo/Michael Probst/Scanpix

Swedish publisher Natur & Kultur has decided to stop printing books in China after it emerged that printers there changed the content of some books.

"We have decided not to print books in China anymore. When we discovered that some changes were made in some of the books - particularly those about Tibet - it was important for us to show that this is unacceptable. We must be able to guarantee that our books have exactly the same content as our authors want them to have," Björn Linnell, senior adviser at Natur & Kultur, told Swedish Radio.

Linnell emphasized that the decision is not a political one.

"This is not a trade boycott against the Chinese regime. This is a way for us to show that in the area where we are most sensitive - freedom of expression - we have to make a mark. So this is not a political position against a regime," said Linnell.

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