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"Magic roundabout" became road safety menace

Published måndag 11 februari 2013 kl 17.22
Nu har dimman lättat i Landskronarondellen. Foto: Anna Hanspers/Sveriges Radio
The fog was supposed to stay on the roundabout. Photo: Anna Hanspers/Swedish Radio

Councillors in Landskrona wanted drivers to have a "magical" misty journey into town. But the SEK 200,000 fog machine they placed on a roundabout has instead been condemned as a traffic hazard, blocking drivers' vision and making the road slippery.

Stefan Knutsson is head of highways for Landskrona. He says to local paper Helsingborgs Dagbladet that "The idea was that it would lie like smoke and look a bit magical. But it wasn't so magical when the fog blew over the whole roundabout." And Stefan Knutsson says that when he drove through the fog himself he could not see a thing - and the water droplets from the fog made ice on the road.

The machine was only turned on twice, before the problems became obvious.

But Landskrona council's engineer, Peter Siilak, says that the SEK 200,000 fog machine was not a waste of public money. "If the problem can't be fixed, we can maybe move it. There are many places in Landskrona that can be magical".

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