Swedes surviving lung cancer better

Published tisdag 12 februari 2013 kl 09.12
Kina hör till de länder som har stora problem med resistent TBC. Foto: Ng Han Guan/Scanpix.

Swedes with lung cancer have a better chance of surviving after their first year of prognoses compared to Denmark and the UK, according to a new study published in Thorax, the International Journal of Respiratory Medicine.  

Researchers have investigated patient information from nearly 60,000 patients in Australia, Denmark, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

Forty six percent of Swedish lung cancer patients were alive one year after their diagnosis compared to 30 percent in the UK and 34 percent in Denmark.

"In all stages of lung cancer, survival rates were clearly higher in Sweden than in the UK," says Mats Lambe, a professor at the Regional Cancer Center at Karolinska Institute, to the newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning. "That means it's likely that other factors than just early diagnoses of the disease are the reason Swedish patients have a better diagnoses."

Researchers say reasons for the differences in survival rates between countries can be due to different treatment approaches, smoking habits, and the appearance of other diseases while patients have already been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Follow-up studies will try to determine why the differences in survival rates exist between the different countries.

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