Genocide suspect takes the stand in Stockholm

Published tisdag 12 februari 2013 kl 12.26

A Swedish man on trial in Stockholm for genocide in Rwanda will take the stand Tuesday. The trial is the first Swedish trial ever to prosecute a person for genocide.

The 54-year-old man, who is a Hutu, is suspected of being a local leader for genocidal mobs in eastern Rwanda in 1994. The defendant had been charged with personally participating in massacres that lead to thousands of deaths.

The man denies all charges and says he is innocent.

Around 800,000 people died between April and June of 1994 in Rwanda. Ultranationalists from the majority Hutu group led the military, police and militias in massacres of mostly people from the minority Tutsi group.

The trial, which began in November, has also held proceedings in Rwanda. Witnesses in the trial include people who say they committed murder alongside the defendant as well as family members of victims.

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