Police to stop subway migration controls

Published fredag 8 mars 2013 kl 14.56
Trängsel framför ett tunnelbanetåg. Foto: Ingvar Karmhed / Scanpix.
The Stockholm subway. File photo: Ingvar Karmhed / Scanpix.

Stockholm's border police will stop checking commuters in the underground as part of their effort to find and deport illegal immigrants.

While the practice has not been found to be illegal, the attention and criticism it has received has demanded too much effort, Peter Nilson, head of the border police unit told Swedish Radio.

Nine out of 10 commuters who were stopped by police and asked to show ID under the so-called Reva project turned out to have the right to be in Sweden.

The government had pressured the police to increase the number of deportations of undocumented migrants from Sweden.

But in recent weeks, several politicians, immigrants’ rights activists and other members of the public have protested against Reva, with some accusing the police of practicing racial profiling by disproportionally targeting people who look foreign.

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